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News bulletin #16
25 March 2016

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And now: a Heritage Lottery grant
After our recent successful bid for a £44,600 grant from the Coastal Revival Fund and a £3,000 development grant already awarded by the Architectural Heritage Fund, we have now been awarded a further £10,000 start-up grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).
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This money allows us to continue with the preliminary work needed in preparation for acquisition and restoration of the Hippodrome. So far we have been able to commission structural and condition surveys, an acoustic assessment (insulating noise levels has been an issue in the past), architectural designs and costings of the repairs and restoration work.

A site better
As well as looking to grants to fund the restoration, we are also discussing the opportunities for enhancement of the whole Hippodrome site through additional development. There is available space around the site than can be used to generate finance towards the restoration of the theatre. We are talking with potential developer partners and expect to go forward in a partnership to seek to acquire the freehold.
      It is a challenging proposition but with architectural designs of the quality we believe will be brought into the equation, this could become one of the most exciting developments the city has seen for a long time. And with a world-class entertainment venue at the heart of it.

Old Town, new thinking
Very early in our campaign we realised the vital importance of the restoration of the Hippodrome in the context of the city's Old Town district. As the name implies, this is the oldest part of Brighton, dating back to medieval times and beyond. Unfortunately, it is no longer looking at its best. Working with the city council, we have commissioned a detailed study of the conservation area, which will be completed within the next couple of weeks.
      The next stage will be for the council to work with stakeholders to draft a management plan for the area, identifying opportunities for regeneration and enrichment of the environment. We are pleased and proud to be able to make this contribution to the city's future.

Still not a member?
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      We still need your help. Not only do your membership fees and donations pay for all the next stages towards acquisition and restoration, they really do influence the outcome of major grant applications. The more we are seen to be pulling our weight, the more we impress decision-makers.
      So please go to the donate page on our website.

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